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IM Rampenlicht

Who owns the stage? Why are so many of us dreaming the dream of being famous?  What would i say or do if i would find mysef on a huge stage? And would i have something to say in the first place?
Why is it so hard to show ourselves, to let ourselves be seen? And how do we want to be seen by others? What happens after the show When the lights go out?
When do we find rest?
And which role does music play in all of this?

These and many others questions are asked by the 4 performers of "im rampenlicht" an inclusive performance by "starlabor"


Conzept/Choreography: Hannah Sampé, Otto Calmeijer Meijburg
Performance/Music: Johanna von Schönfeld, Jonas Sampé, Marieke Werner, Marius Lambertz
Illustration: Hildegard Oehler
A STARLABOR Production

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