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by Not Fabulous co-produced by studiobühneköln
in the context of „west off 2020 – Theaternetzwerk Rheinland“

In this work, we invite our grandmothers and grandfathers onto the stage, both in spirit and on Skype, to take on the role of storytellers during this evening. As children of the coloniser and the colonised, we are searching to find traces of ourselves, of our queerness, in our histories in Malaysia, Brasil, Indonesia and the Netherlands. Where and how shall we start, to find (or create) our stories in either folklore, ritual, proverb or song? By creating a web of dance, music, video interventions, storytelling and listening we move through time together with the audience, leaving no one behind. 











From and with: Otto(line) Calmeijer Meijburg, Igor Meneses, Paula Pau and Hannah Sampé

Music: Igor Meneses aka ANDRAS_2020

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