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STARLABOR is an artistic empowerment project, which ask questions about accessibility and participation in artistic processes and the emancipatory potential of the performing arts. STARLABOR aims at creating different artistic projects and situations of (dance)dissemination in the most inclusive ways and tries to create spaces of recognition and support.

In doing so STARLABOR is especially interested in the performative tools of music, dance and acting, which allow to unleash creative momentum and motivate to celebrate one-self or show one-self generously. Using the imagery of the world of superstars, the stage becomes a symbol for visibility, communication and radical self-confidence. At the same time the stage becomes a platform for that which is usually overlooked, overheard, not welcome or ‘too much’.

STARLABOR is happening in the form of workshops, performances or video-art.

It has been initiated by Hannah Sampé in 2020. The artistic leadership is held by Hannah Sampé, Marius Lambertz and Otto(line) Calmeijer Meijburg.

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